Life Insurance

It is said that there are only two things that are certain in this life… death & taxes. 

You not only need to protect your material possessions, but you need to provide protection for your family and gain peace of mind by knowing your loved ones can carry on in the event they are faced with going on without you to provide for them.  You know they can have the same lifestyle you have provided, your children can still attend college, and your spouse will not have an unknown future. Life insurance also provides funds to cover estate taxes so that your family will not lose what you have worked all your life to provide for them.

Donavan Insurance writes several types of life insurance, Term, Universal Life and Whole Life. Term insurance is written for a specific number of years and is priced much lower than whole life insurance because it does not gain cash value.  Whole Life and Universal Life provide life protection but also accumulate cash value that can provide a living benefit to the insured. 

Our knowledgeable agents can assess your needs and present options to you to fulfill those needs.